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More detailed information can be found at our 200% Guarantee and Shipping Help pages.

Questions about

Where do the tickets listed on BuyAnySeat come from?

At, we are part of an extensive online exchange that functions as a huge marketplace for tickets. The sellers of tickets on our exchange include box office promoters, other firms, licensed ticket sellers and other people like you with tickets they can’t use and want to sell.
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Is my transaction safe?

When you shop for tickets on, you can be assured that you are conducting a safe and secure transaction. Our site developers have gone far beyond standard internet security measures to ensure that our website is PCI Compliant and Norton Secure. Not only that, but any questions or concerns you may have about your order will be handled quickly by our friendly customer service and support team.
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Questions about Delivery

When will my tickets ship, and how quickly will they arrive?

Many of the sellers on our exchange make their tickets available to you before they have even been printed, which gives you an edge in getting great seats in advance. Because of this fact however, tickets may not be “in hand” at the time of your purchase.

Sellers often indicate when an order will ship (at the latest), so you will know when to expect your tickets. The sellers on our exchange may also note that the available tickets are “in hand,” which means they can be shipped to you immediately. After your tickets have shipped, you will receive a FedEx tracking number so you can easily track the status of your order.

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Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes, your tickets can be shipped to any P.O. Box. At checkout, just un-check the box next to “use my billing address as the shipping address” and enter your P.O. Box information to have your tickets shipped there.
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Can my tickets be shipped to an address different than my billing address?

Yes, you can input an alternate shipping address for most orders placed through our site. There are certain restrictions that are based on the ticket order total however. Additionally, in some cases, sellers may request a signed authorization from you if they want proof that you will accept your ticket order at the alternate shipping address.
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Can I change my shipping address after ordering?

In some cases, yes – but you will need to contact your seller directly with any shipping address changes after your order is placed. Sellers are very security-conscious about where they ship tickets and will likely only change your delivery information if it is absolutely necessary.
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Is there a purchase guarantee?

Yes. Because we want to make sure that ticket sellers provide you with the tickets you were promised, we provide a 200% Money Back Guarantee, if:
  • Your order is accepted, but not delivered, by the seller.
  • Your order is accepted, but shipped too late, by the seller for your tickets to arrive in time for the event.
  • You were denied entry at the event because of the tickets or invalid tickets that were provided to you by the seller.
  • Your event is cancelled entirely with no rescheduled date.
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Why was my order rejected?

Due to the way our exchange operates, there may be some lag time between when tickets are purchased and when the ticket listings are updated. This is because, as tickets are sold, sellers must manually update their listings. If your order is rejected, it means that your tickets may have already been purchased by another customer before you had the chance to submit your order.
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Can I purchase tickets as a gift?

Yes. You can buy tickets and give them to someone else as a gift. And remember, even though tickets may not ship immediately after you purchase them, we guarantee they'll arrive in time for the event.
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Questions about Ticket Listings

Will my seats be together?

Yes. Tickets are guaranteed to be together, unless the seller’s notes indicate otherwise. If tickets are listed in a general category, zone, section, or row, we guarantee that they will be together. Examples of these kinds of notes from sellers include words such as: “Zone A,” “Section 200,” “Row 102,” etc.

In some cases, the seller’s notes may say something like “Section 2, rows A-Z” or “Section 2, Rows A and B, piggy-backed”, which lets you know that the seats you are buying may not be together. If a seller’s notes say that seats are “piggy-backed,” it means one seat is in front of the other in two separate rows.

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Why can't I purchase a certain quantity of tickets?

Most events are social occasions attended by friends, couples and family members in multiples of two or more. This makes single or odd-numbered ticket listings often hard to sell. As a result, sellers prefer to list their tickets in pairs or groups of pairs to increase the chances they’ll be able to sell them all.
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Why aren't seat numbers listed for the tickets?

Some ticket sellers don’t list seat numbers in order to prevent the possibility of double-booking the same seats. Because transactions on take place in real time, it is possible for a set of tickets to be purchased at the exact same time by two different people. In order to prevent the confusion and disappointment this can create, ticket sellers with several groups of tickets list general rows and sections instead. This way, if multiple orders come in, ticket sellers can successfully fill them to everyone’s satisfaction.
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What is Zone seating?

The idea is to separate seating into different areas or “Zones” according to some visual model. The Zones, which are often randomly drawn with varying degrees of creativity, can then be labeled as Gold-Silver-Bronze or A, B, C or with another theme. Event-goers like yourself are then given the option to buy seats based solely on their Zone location. Most sellers will specify seating locations within each Zone in greater detail in their ticket notes.
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Questions about Tickets

What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Tickets are generally one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable items that can seldom be re-accessed or re-printed. The reason for this is to prevent fraud with multiple printings of the same ticket. If your tickets are lost, you should contact your seller to see if it is possible to somehow re-access the tickets you paid for. If your tickets are stolen, call the police, especially if you have tickets with specific seats, dates, etc. The solution is to be careful so that your tickets don’t get lost or stolen.
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What is a paperless ticket?

Paperless tickets are different from regular or traditional tickets. First, they don’t involve having an actual ticket in your hand. Second, in order to activate them, you have to meet the ticket seller at the venue’s box office. Our ticket listings will indicate which tickets are paperless with notes such as “I will be attending the event, and will accompany you to the box office at the venue.”
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Why is someone else's name on my ticket?

The name on a customer’s ticket will be the name of the original purchaser. Therefore, your name will not be on the ticket purchased through BuyAnySeat. However, please note that the name on the tickets will not affect your ability to access the event. The most important aspect is that the bar code on the tickets scans when entering the event.
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Questions about Fees and Pricing

Why is the price on my tickets different than what I paid? is an online exchange, similar to other sites such as Amazon, where ticket sellers can list and sell their inventory. In almost all cases, sellers decide to resell their tickets at a price that reflects the market, and prices often rise and fall with supply and demand. The result is that tickets on our exchange are often sold either above or below face value.

In addition to market value fluctuations, sellers usually have a large number of expenses to cover in order to get great seats. Sellers must often pay face value, plus fees (or membership fees to special clubs), and sometimes stand in line for hours to get the best seats available. For these reasons, ticket sellers will try to mark up their tickets to make a small profit. The benefit for ticket buyers like yourself is that you don’t have to wait in line, on your computer, or on the phone for hours in the months before an event to get good seats. Instead, you can find great seats even a couple weeks before an event.

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Do I have to pay sales tax?

State and local taxes on tickets vary greatly from state-to-state and even between localities in various states, and are not calculated on our checkout page during the purchase process. Taxes on ticket sales are based on the location of the ticket seller supplying an order and are most common in Texas, Chicago, California, Michigan and Canada.
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Questions about Other Issues

What if the event is cancelled?

If an event gets cancelled permanently, you are eligible to receive a 100% refund. You should also note that your refund constitutes the price you paid for the tickets, and does not include shipping costs that you may have incurred as part of the purchase process. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Policies on your purchase agreement.
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Can I cancel an order after it is placed?

As a general rule, all sales on are final. Please be completely sure you want to purchase the tickets before ordering.
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